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What can you buy with bitcoin?

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Cryptocurrencies would not be so precious, if they were only used for funds transfer. That is why the whole crypto-community will always thank to those people, who have first started to exchange bitcoins to the other ones, digital and real values, and those, who have first accepted them in return. Laszlo Hanyecz was the first person, who managed to buy two pizzas for 10000 bitcoins in 2010.

At the time of Hanyecz, the digital economy did seldom interconnect with the real one. However, today it is difficult to imagine the whole scope of the products and services available for cryptocurrencies. Though many know how to buy BTC, a few know what can be purchased. See what can be purchased with BTC below.

Will you buy a car or cellph...

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IOTA Coin – history, characteristics and facts

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What are IOTA Coins? Why do their popularity grow stronger?

IOTA crypto-token has turned to be one of the most popular altcoins of the latest months. This token, which was elaborated in 2015, is getting more and more popular throughout the world. According to, it has recently taken the 11th place among the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.

When the token, and technology, were being created, the IOTA developers aimed to supply “Internet of Things, IoT”, or physical devices network with a useful, reliable, and cheap economic basis, for which token was initiated. Generally, IOTA was aimed to ensure the secure data transmission (payment data is mainly meant) between the devices in the “Internet of Things”...

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