Dogecoin click bot – rewiew of telegram bot and him brothers =)

Welcome here. I am glad to introduce you 4 telegram bots from one Admin!

Earn money by four ways:

ways to earn on doge click bot

  1. Visit sites — earn by clicking links during 10 sec. and earn doge, LTC, BCH
  2. Message bots — earn by messaging bots
  3. Join chats — earn by joining chats up to 2 Doge
  4. Referrals — you can earn by inviting new members, 15% of each user’s earnings from tasks, and 0.1% of their deposits.

This telegram bots are more profitable than most faucets:

  • Fast viewing of links
  • High pay
  • A lot of links
  • Fast withdrawal

Btw, official telegram channel of bots: DOGEClickUpdates

My first earning from visiting sites by DOGE Click Bot:

earning on doge click bot

If you will earn by joining chats, you must stay in the channel for 6-24 hours to earn your reward.

Or, you will see next:

you left the channel

If everything allrigh, you will earn:

Payment from joining to channel

The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 doge, +1 doge for each next payment.

My payments:

Payment from doge click bot

Why you have to try these bots?

  1. You can work from mobile
  2. Fast earning
  3. No captcha, pop ups, etc.
  4. High pay
  5. Low limit for withdrawal
  6. Fast payments
  7. You can advert your ads
  8. Not a bad affiliate program

Welcome to Dogecoin click bot

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