Review of – exchange of cryptocurrency / tokens / assets + faucet.

Today review of – this is a highly functional system, with idea of combining different services on a single platform, like cryptocurrency exchange / tokens / assets / surfing / faucet etc.

About site in short

  1. The site works and pays since March 15, 2017
  2. Languages: English & Russian
  3. Payment systems: AdvCash / PerfectMoney / Payeer / Bitcoin / Altcoins
  4. An opportunity to invest in different tokens / currencies / assets
  5. Three kind of avertising: banner / surfing / ads
  6. Three-level ref program with upgrade system
  7. Earn money without investment via surfing / faucet / referals / games
  8. Listing on exchange

Registration on the site
Exchange Assets

Put in needed datas and you will receive activation email with your password and PIN code.

After registration, you will take a little bonus, 1 shares D15 (0.01$)

Exchange tokens / currencies / assets 

Now availeble for buying / selling:

  • 11 tokens pairs
  • 37 currencies pairs
  • 10 assets pairs

All pairs can be found in the following sections:

  • «My balance»
  • «CoinInfo»
  • «Limits»


You can also add your coins / tokens / investment projects to the site through the “Listing” section.

  • Commission for execution of orders from 0.1% to 0.25%
  • Withdrawal fees from 0.1% to 4%

Investment in assets

assets of exchange-assets

There are 4 types of investments:

  1. Investbox – invest in coins / tokens up to 255% per annum.
  2. Shares M1 – shares of the capacities of the mining farms on the RX570 graphics cards.
  3. D1 – here you can invest in shares of bank deposits.
  4. S1 – these is investment in project ExchangeAssets.

Each section has its own nuances, so read and study carefully.

All investments on the Internet – are dangerous, so, don’t miss the “Risks sections

Earning without investments

faucet of exchange-assets

So, you can earn with 3 ways:

  • Surfing sites, up to 20+ sites every day
  • Faucet, gives different coins, in ecqivalent of 0.0175$, per 3 hours.
  • Use webmining

+ games bonus chance and RPS =)

Advertising on the website


The site allows us to use 3 kind of advertising:

  1. Surfing – Most cheapest advertising, but not effective enough. I have always recommended this kind of adverts, just for new projects.
  2. Contextual ads – just pay for the clicks/impressions of your text ads.
  3. Banner – the most effective type of adverts, I recommend! You can order a banner from 1 week to 1 year.

Important. Loyalty program for all kind of ads! Discount from 5 % to 50% !

Referral program

A three-level referral system, which includes referral fees from almost all sections of the site:

Referral program

By the way,  you can also buy upgrades: Premium and VIP:


So, welcome! =)

>>> Registration <<<


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