The best FaucetHUB faucets 2018

09.10.2018 The best bitcoin faucets  One comment

Faucethub faucets are most popular among other faucets, like xapo, epay or faucetsystem.  Faucethub faucets – allow withdraw money instantly to Faucethub wallet.

  • These faucet usually don’t have a limit for withdrawal
  • Full list of faucets I renew 1 time in the month, usually in the first days of the month
  • All new faucets are marked with a thick orange font =) in the section “ADDED”
  • If the faucet doesn’t pay a long time – it will be removed
  • Also, if I see that the faucet can start paying again, I can temporarily mark it as “not paying”.

BEST FAUCETHUB FAUCETS ( last update 08/10/2018 )

Name Reward Timer Claim it Added Top 5 – 200 5 CLAIM  21 March 2017 Top 5 5 CLAIM  Until 2017 Top 5 5 CLAIM  Until 2017 3-20 5 CLAIM  28 January 3-20 5 CLAIM  28 January Top 30+ 5 CLAIM  Until 2017 Top 30+ 5 CLAIM  Until 2017 18 5 CLAIM  7 March 5 1 CLAIM  26 January 10 – 200 2 CLAIM  27 February 25 – 100 8 CLAIM  26 January 25 – 100 8 CLAIM  26 January 10 – 20 12 CLAIM  14 February

NM – no money

BTW, – is not just a Bitcoin Micropayment service.

If you are looking for a wallets for Litecoin or Dogecoin, gives it for you.

Also, on users can use TOP Faucets, premium membership, affiliate program, play games and to make own faucets on Faucethub platform.

Benefits of Premium membership (price: 0.00150000 BTC/month):

  1. For Users: Unlock access to the full & unrestricted Top Faucets list
  2. For Owners & Users: Post clickable links, watchable videos and formatted text in the chat
  3. For Owners & Users: Your chat username will receive a and become decorated, showing off your title
  4. For Owners: Your faucets are automatically put into the Premium Faucets list and get seen by everyone
  5. For Owners: Receive an email when your faucet is out of funds and requires a top-up
  6. For Developers: Access to the exclusive Faucet List API for building external list sites & rotators (coming soon!)

Fee is based on the amount you request to withdraw. The higher the amount, the less you pay:

fees of faucethub

So, just use it and make more money online! Good luck
Any questions? just ask in comments or use contact form.

One comment to The best FaucetHUB faucets 2018

  • CoolDude  says:

    List cleaned: – doesn’t pay. – redirects to other site. – disembled. – closed. – so little earning, removed. – with JS:Miner-C[Trj], heavily loaded PC. – doesn’t work.

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