The Best Telegram Bots for claiming cryptocurrency

  • Just Top Telegram Bots for claiming cryptocurrency
  • Watch the list – sometimes I add new bots
  • I will say one thing: telegram bots now, give more free crypts than many other sites.
  • Also, you can see, when list was updated last time!

Recently, the telegram began to mark the bots for earnings with a scam, which does not always correspond to reality, the bots on my list are monitored and those that do not pay are deleted.

Last update 12.09.2019

Five bots from one admin and read an articles about how to wark with these bots.

In short:

  • Earnings on viewing sites and joining channels
  • High earning without any captchas
  • You can work with pc and mobile
  • Low limits for cashout
  • I already received payment to my wallet of Exmo

FreeCrypto Bot — works sinсe 2018, from channel of LeonardoRoyale

  • High earnings
  • Useful timer
  • For start earning, you have to join to 2 channeks
  • Earnings on viewing sites, joining channels and other
  • Pays in Doge, BTC и ETH.
  • Minimum for witdrawal 75 Doge, 0.005BTC и 0.01 ETH

LR ClickBot — this is new bot from LeonardoRoyale’s channel, warks since June 2019

  • Bot pays in Doge
  • 5 types of earnings
  • Minimum for witdrawal: 40 Doge

BitSocial — bot gives a lot of work, with good pay per second work.

  • Earn with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram
  • Bot pays in EDC
  • Minimum cashout is 1000 EDC
  • EDC — listed on Yobit
  • They have own chat
  • Important! Before work, I recomend to read FAQ

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